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Complete FREE Study Guide for Machine Learning and Deep Learning

A complete study plan to become a Machine Learning Engineer with links to all FREE resources. If you finish the list you will be equipped with enough theoretical and practical experience to get started in the industry!

AdaBoost in Python - Machine Learning From Scratch 13 - Python Tutorial

In this Machine Learning from Scratch Tutorial, we are going to implement the AdaBoost algorithm using only built-in Python modules and numpy. AdaBoost is an ensemble technique that attempts to create a strong classifier from a number of weak classifiers.

YouTube Data API Tutorial with Python - Analyze the Data - Part 4

In this Python Tutorial we will be learning how to work with the YouTube Data API and analyze channel statistics.

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ML From Scratch

Implement popular Machiner Learning algorithms from scratch using only built-in Python modules and numpy. Complementary code to my YouTube series.

PyTorch Tutorials

PyTorch Tutorials for my YouTube series. Learn all the necessary basics to get started with this deeplearning framework.

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