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15 Best AI Newsletters

A curated list of 15 newsletters to stay informed on the latest AI news and research.

The field of AI is moving incredibly fast, and it鈥檚 almost impossible to stay up to date with all the new inventions. In my opinion, subscribing to a few well-written newsletters is the best way to keep up with the most important trends.

So here鈥檚 a curated list of 15 newsletters to stay informed on the latest AI news and research.

Last updated: November, 2023

1. The Batch | DeepLearning.AI

Stay updated with weekly AI News and Insights delivered to your inbox.

2. Ahead of AI By Sebastian Raschka

News, trends, and educational nuggets related to Machine Learning & AI to stay ahead of the field.

3. Ben's Bites

A daily newsletter of curated AI startups, demos, news, and more.

4. AI Tidbits

A weekly roundup of AI news to stay in the know in <2 mins.

5. Import AI

Import AI is a weekly newsletter about artificial intelligence, read by more than ten thousand experts.

It鈥檚 written by Jack Clark, co-founder of Anthropic, an AI safety and research company. He was previously the Policy Director of OpenAI.

6. AI Weekly

A weekly collection of AI News and resources on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

7. Unwind AI By Shubham Saboo

Daily newsletter on what's trending in AI.

8. Deep Learning Weekly

Bringing you everything new and exciting in the world of deep learning from academia to the grubby depths of industry every week right to your inbox.

9. The Algorithm by MIT Technology Review

A weekly newsletter that helps demystify artificial intelligence.

10. Inside AI

The latest in AI, Robotics, and Neurotech. Daily round up of new articles about AI.

11. Last Week in AI

Weekly text and audio summaries of the most interesting AI news, as well as editorials commenting on recent events.

12. Eye on A.I.

At the intersection of artificial intelligence and industry. (Weekly)

13. ChinAI Newsletter

Jeff Ding's weekly translations of writings from Chinese thinkers on China's AI landscape.

14. Machine Learning Monthly

Monthly Machine Learning News by Daniel Bourke and Zero To Mastery.

15. Big Brain

A daily newsletter that makes your smarter about AI in just 3 minutes.

Other noteworthy mentions

TLDR is a daily newsletter with links and TLDRs of the most interesting stories in startups 馃殌, tech 馃摫, and programming 馃捇!

Regular analyses of advances in natural language processing and machine learning. (Currently paused)

Stay informed on the latest trending ML papers with code, research developments, libraries, methods, and datasets. (Currently paused)

Covering everything that is happening in Europe around artificial intelligence. (Currently paused)

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