How to access the index in a for loop in Python

Patrick Loeber

Find out how to access the index in a for loop in Python.

1) Use enumerate()

This can be done with the enumerate function:

my_list = ["apple", "banana", "cherry"] for index, item in enumerate(my_list): print(index, item)
0 apple 1 banana 2 cherry

enumerate(iterable, start=0)

Iterating with enumerate returns a tuple containing the current index and the current item for each iteration. Notice that if we use a different value for the optional start argument, the iteration over the items still starts at the first item, but the start index starts at the given value:

my_list = ["apple", "banana", "cherry"] for index, item in enumerate(my_list, start=1): print(index, item)
1 apple 2 banana 3 cherry

2) Use range(len(my_list))

As an alternative you could also iterate over the indices using range(len(your_list)). This works too, however, the first option using enumerate is much better and considered to be more pythonic.

my_list = ["apple", "banana", "cherry"] for index in range(len(my_list)): print(index, my_list[index])
0 apple 1 banana 2 cherry

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