Website Rebuild With Publish (Static Site Generator)

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In a few days I will reach my first YouTube Birthday: 365 days since I've uploaded my first video!

For this reason I've rebuilt my website entirely from scratch. All of my tutorials and videos can now be found on this site. Currently there are 68 tutorials, which I am really proud of. I also created a course section, where I bundled tutorials belonging together. Right now there are 3 different free courses available:

I hope that you like the new style and enjoy browsing through the tutorials!

For the rebuild I used the Publish static site generator by John Sundell (@johnsundell). It's so much fun to work with this framework. If you work on MacOS and are familiar with the Swift programming language, I can highly recommend to give this framework a try. I want to say a big thank you to John, who created and open sourced this tool!


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